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The Importance of Reading and Giving Back

Reading is a vital skill to help young learners grow. This hobby improves spelling, grammar, expands vocabulary and can also help increase focus. Exploring new books also helps to expand the imagination and unleash creativity!

With an ever-growing list of benefits, reading has proven to be a source of increasing importance in a child’s development. However, the cost of purchasing new books can become costly. To combat this problem, educators are going the extra mile and using the power of social media to gather library sponsors for their classrooms.

How it works:

  1. Teachers post to Facebook and let their followers know they are seeking people to become book sponsors for one or more of their students.
  2. If a teacher has 15 students, they will ask sponsors to pick a number between one and 15. Each number corresponds to a student in order to keep their name anonymous.
  3. Once the sponsor has selected a number, the teacher then provides them with the student’s reading level and preferred book genre. (ex. “Thank you for sponsoring a student! The student you have selected is at reading level three and loves books revolving around animals and science.”)
  4. The sponsor then purchases a book for the student(s) and delivers or mails them to the teacher.
  5. Once the teacher receives and approves all books, he or she distributes them to the class!

This simple yet effective outreach is providing reading materials that make a huge impact on student learning and development. Whether you are an experienced educator or active parent, you can utilize social media as a tool to make a difference in students’ lives. Here at SA YES, we strive to do our part in providing necessary school supplies to students at the beginning of every academic school year, and with this new outreach, you too can help provide resources for students who are eager to succeed in school!

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