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SA YES’ “Back to Basics” School Supplies Distribution

August is here, and for students in Texas, that means it’s time for back to school preparations. Over the past few weeks, SA YES, in partnership with attorney Thomas J. Henry, has been busy ramping up their free school supplies distributions for the 2021-2022 school year. This series of in-person school supply distributions is the first since the COVID-19 pandemic, when many students were remote learning. During the month of August, SA YES distributed school supplies to 50,000 Title 1 elementary schools and youth-focused organizations throughout south Texas including districts in San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi.

Check out a list of Title 1 elementary schools and organizations we served for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • Adams Elementary
  • Bellaire Elementary
  • Carroll Bell Elementary
  • Collier Elementary
  • Columbia Heights Elementary
  • E. High Gilbert Elementary
  • Gillette Elementary
  • H.W. Schulze Elementary
  • Morrill Elementary
  • Rayburn Elementary
  • Stonewall-Flanders Elementary
  • Vestal Elementary
  • Wright Elementary
  • Frank Madla Elementary
  • Athens Elementary
  • Five Palms Elementary
  • Hutchins Elementary
  • Kindred Elementary
  • Miguel Carrillo Jr. Elementary
  • Neil Armstrong Elementary
  • Palo Alto Elementary
  • Price Elementary
  • Roy Benavidez Elementary
  • Loma Park Elementary
  • Las Palmas Elementary
  • Perales Elementary
  • Roosevelt Elementary
  • Winston Elementary
  • Roy Cisneros Elementary
  • Gardendale Elementary
  • L.B. Johnson Elementary
  • Stafford Elementary
  • H.B. Gonzalez Elementary
  • Charles C. Ball Elementary
  • Douglass Elementary
  • Charles Graebner Elementary
  • Advanced Learning Academy
  • Franklin Elementary
  • Maverick Elementary
  • JT Brackenridge Elementary
  • Japhet Academy
  • Storm Elementary
  • Douglass Elementary
  • Ball Academy
  • Highland Park Elementary
  • Charles Graebner Elementary
  • Advanced Learning Academy
  • Franklin Elementary
  • Maverick Elementary
  • Jubilee Westwood
  • Promesa Academy
  • Harmony School of Innovation San Antonio
  • Upbring Foster In Texas
  • Centers for Children and Families – Post Adopt
  • Salvation Army
  • SA Threads

ChildSafe Be sure to check back April 1, 2022 to find out how your school can benefit from the SA YES “Back to Basics” project. 

SA YES continues to develop innovative ways to raise funds to support students throughout South Texas. Since our inception in 1998, SA YES has distributed 500,000 school supply kits. By providing each student with their own school supply kit, the organization hopes the act serves as a reminder that each student is important to our community and that they are equipped with the resources they need to learn and grow.

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