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New Year’s Resolutions for Success in School

Happy New Year! With the new year comes fresh opportunities to learn and grow. As students return to school for the second half of the academic school year, consider setting aside some time to set new year’s resolutions. Resolutions are a great way for students to look back on what they have accomplished in the first half of the school year as well as how they can improve as a student in the upcoming semesters.

Here is a list of ideas your young learners can use to brainstorm what they would like to work on in 2019:

  • Set up a homework routine. Developing a routine can help your student get into a pattern and practice planning ahead. Whether it’s starting their homework as soon as they get home or scheduling it around family time, a routine can benefit the whole family by letting parents know what time their kids will need help with homework. This also leads to valuable time-management skills for success in the future.
  • Create a reading log. If your student does not already have a reading log as a part of their school assignments, these are a great way to keep track of how often they read and to monitor if they are reaching their goals. Click here to download our FREE printable reading log!
  • Try new study tools to help with test preparation. Scholastic has compiled a list of free online study tools to help make studying fun and stress-free! These tools cover topics such as science, math, spelling and more! Trying out new studying tools can be a refreshing way to look at topics in a new light.
  • Get to know other students! Although school is vital in learning new academic skills, it is also important for your student to work on social skills and remember to have fun! Consider recommending your student make a resolution to introduce themself to a new person in their grade every week. They could meet people they have similar interests with or meet a potential study buddy.

Last but not least, once your students have created a list and are feeling ready to take on the new year, remember to have them treat their resolutions as goals. This means checking back on their list at the end of every month to see where they are progressing and where they could focus more time.

We hope this helps your students get motivated for 2019 and we wish everyone a wonderful rest of the school year!

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