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Summer STEAM Activities To Try At Home!

Encourage your children to take a break from the screens by learning a new educational activity. It’s proven that continued learning over the summer positively impacts a child’s academic and social-emotional development. Incorporating screen-free educational activities can stimulate a child’s creativity and provide structure during the summer months. We want to help kids feel more prepared and less stressed when returning to school!

TEXAS YES provides the resources parents and students need all year long. In this blog we have compiled a list of STEAM activities you can try at home with your kids this summer. These activities are so much fun, it won’t feel like learning!

Make Ice Cream

  • It’s hotter than ever this summer! Cool off and learn about chemistry by making a sweet treat!


  • Get messy while learning about chemistry with this SLIME recipe!

Rainbow In A Jar

  • Learn about physics by making a rainbow in a jar with items you may already have in your pantry!

Re-Grow Food From Kitchen Scraps

  • Learn how to grow a sustainable garden with food scraps!

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